Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Job Description
Job ID: HNMJD945

Role: Business, Analyst

Locations: Utrecht, Netherlands.


Required Skills:
Proven strong analytical skills. MS-Office (Word / Excel / Powerpoint) skills to prepare reports independently. A proactive attitude and associated communication skills. Administrative and organizational sensitivity and from that ensuing stakeholder management skills. Result and solution oriented. The activities of the business analyst include the realization of several initiatives within track 3, which focus on 'improvement of the line or chain management'. Track 3 is one of the five tracks within the Program IV Improvement Track (more about this below). The business analyst works for the project leaders and, at the end, the track 3 tractors. Independently and in collaboration with others within track 3, realize several initiatives where the focus of this role is initially on concretizing the strategy of the Tax and Customs Administration and the service units towards portfolio measures. Coordination with stakeholders in the organization. From this role, you can also be deployed on other initiatives such as business case and the implementation assessment process. Advising on and contributing to the implementation thereof. Within the Tax Authorities, the program IV improvement process is being used to improve the IV implementation organization and the joint management thereof, including the IV production from the entire Tax Authorities, so that it can operate more efficiently and effectively. The program started in 2020 and has three plateaus (2020, 2021 and 2022). Five sub-programs or tracks are identified in the program. In addition to track 3 - improvement of the line or chain management, these are the tracks:
1 - further development of the ICT portfolio process.
2 - further development IV implementation organization.
4 - result-oriented culture IV implementation organization.
5 - life-cycle management.

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