Senior Security Architect

Senior Security Architect

Job Description
Job ID: HNMJD3223

Role: Senior Security Architect

Locations: Brussels, Belgium

Language: English, Dutch, French



Role Description.


As a Senior Security Architect you have the following experience and qualities:

- Extensive experience as a senior security architect (+10 years) is required.

- Experience in a similar position within a government context is necessary, preferably in an organization in the security chain and justice, given the highly confidential nature of the data.

- The ability to think like a malicious hacker to anticipate and defend your organization against information security risks.

- You have your own penetration testing infrastructure that can be deployed immediately.

- The ability to think like a business analyst, manage security team members and communicate effectively with key stakeholders.

- The experience and technical expertise to build a security infrastructure from the ground up or update existing systems in response to ongoing changes in the security landscape, including new risks and compliance with applicable regulations and in line with international standards and frameworks such as ISO 27k, NIST, NIS1, NIS2, DORA etc.

- Extensive experience in Azure Cloud Security, SIEM implementations and in Data Security and Secure VOIP Architecture. Considering the projects that will be realized in this area in 2022.

- Experience as a project manager.


Expert   IT Security Architect

Most recent experience   More than 3 years ago



Azure Cloud Security


Cyber Security


Data Security and Secure VOIP Architecture


Information Security Management


Penetration testing     



Dutch or French

Level   Active knowledge


Level   Nice to have

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